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Data is the future !

Data is the future !

Data is becoming increasingly important in the world of soccer, and not just for clubs.

As an agent, data can enable you to better value your player when you arrive at the negotiating table, but it can also enable you to better support your player by identifying his strengths but above all his areas for improvement.


With a view to negotiating a new contract or finding a club that perfectly matches the player’s qualities and ambitions, we carry out a complete review of his previous seasons to highlight the advanced statistics in which he performs.

This includes comparisons with other players in his position in his league, a projection of his expected level in another competition, and so on.

We show the extent to which the player can fit into a team, meet the needs of the club concerned and increase in value.


To help the player reach his full potential, we carry out a complete assessment of his current performance.

We find out which players of a higher calibre he could approach by modifying certain aspects of his game.

For example, we study his hitting positions to get a factual picture of his preferred positions, and what works and doesn’t work for him.

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